New Makeup Products I’ve Recently Bought

 Hey guys! Today I thought I’d show you a few makeup products that I’ve recently bought and have been testing out for a few weeks, just to give you an insight into what I like in a makeup product!


The first product I have to show you is the Hourglass Veil Translucent Setting Powder in the mini size, as its such a pricey product I needed to try out a cheaper option first! The full-size of this costs £42, and I mean I don’t feel the need to really use powder anymore since I have dry skin, but the claims were just sooo good that I thought I should at least honour them and give it a go, just at a much cheaper price of £16 instead!

When you compare the amount in grams then the full-size does cost way less, but upon receiving the powder I can tell you that unless you use powder religiously, this mini-size will last you a fair while, and so I’m very happy with it in terms of getting what you pay for. Anyway, fair and simple; do I like this powder? Yes, yes I do. It definitely isn’t mattifying like a lot of other powders are, and it does give a hint of a natural lit from within look, however since I like the dewy look I end up using a dewy setting spray and taking the effect of the powder away entirely (oops). But when I do need a good set, like if my foundation comes out TOO dewy, then I love it for that purpose!


The next product I have to show you is the Pixi Glow Mist, a mean green bottle with a huge glow effect! This definitely does what it says it does I can tell you that, it gives the glow as soon as you spray it on, but to be fair I may spray a bit too much… At £16 I don’t think you can really go wrong, and there are also a few other mists to choose from if a glow isn’t what you prefer.

I don’t necessarily notice an increase in makeup longevity when wearing this, however I haven’t exactly been looking to test that out and I’m not fussed about my makeup wearing away, as I know that it’s going to happen no matter what anyway. If you have dry skin or love a good glowy look then this is something you may get along with!


The third product I have to show you is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo in Medium Brown, which I have been wanting to test out for a while as I know that many people love this along with the Pomade. I haven’t really got a chance to use this very much as I have been lacking in actually putting makeup on, and taking the time to try and do my brows nicely. I remember that a few years ago I used to use a powder to fill in my brows, but I think I did it poorly, and I’m pretty sure I still do a bad job now (oh well!). The powders are pigmented and smooth though, so if I gave it a good try I’m sure I could do something half decent!


The final product I have to show you is the Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation, which I was intrigued by as it said that it wasn’t drying and, obviously, gave a fresh skin look which I am all for! I have tried it out a couple of times and whilst it is good, I still feel like it’s a teeny tiny bit too heavy for my skin to handle, and so clings to my dry patches and stands out a bit more than other foundations (see my current fav here).

I definitely still need to give this more of test, and try it out with different bases as well to see which one it sits best over, as this is definitely what makes a foundation work for me or not. If you have normal to dry skin I think it would be a really good option for you, and even for oily/ combination if you set it in the t-zone areas, as it would give you a lovely natural look.


Have you bought any new makeup products recently? Tell me in the comments or interact with me on my social media, I’d love to talk to you!

As always,

Love, Emily x

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One thought on “New Makeup Products I’ve Recently Bought

  1. These are all great products!! “A mean green bottle with a huge glow effect” right on spot!! Love it


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