Current Favourites: Skincare

Hey guys, today I’m sharing with you my current favourite skincare products that I have been using recently. The majority of them are from the Body Shop, and sadly one of them has been discontinued, which upsets me deeply! So if you’re interested in what I’ve been using then read on..


Up first we have my favourite product which is also the one that has been discontinued! This is the Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet, which is a very weird texture but it’s soooo cooling and its hydrating but doesn’t leave any residue at all. They seem to have replaced it with an ‘essence’ which I tried out in store and it’s in NO way comparable, which is very heartbreaking (shed a tear for me). I really wish I had bought more of these before it was truly discontinued, as now once this runs out I’m going to be left with an empty place in my heart for an everyday moisturiser! If anyone has any suggestions for dry skin, please tell me!


Next up is the Body Shop Tea Tree Night Lotion, which is part of their Tea Tree range, designed for blemish prone skin, aka me. If you’re anything like me, then you enjoy the idea of just buying new products even if you already own too many and don’t even know what half of them do, and I think this is how I came to purchase this.

HOWEVER, it is a nice product. I don’t particular notice a huge difference in my skin overnight, but some nights I do lack and just give up completely so that’s also my bad. The actual lotion is more of a cream, but it is extremely smooth and sinks right in, although this shouldn’t be used with an oil, as it will rub off as you put the oil on (note to self!). I do think that my skin looks less red when I wake up in the morning, despite the fact my face is still covered in red marks because nothing is working at the moment anyway!! I would recommend this, maybe more for people who have the occasional breakout instead of acne or lots of spots, as something more potent might work a bit better. That won’t stop me from using it though!


A skincare product that is also a vital step in my makeup routine is the Glossier Priming Moisturiser, which I use mostly to put on top of my problem areas before putting my foundation on, as in case you didn’t know, I have dry skin! I like to put this around my nose for some extra moisture, and ALWAYS on the spot patch on my forehead, as that is where the dryness will cling to the most, and you will notice right away that all the moisture has been sucked in by my skin here.

In terms of the texture of it, it’s not my favourite as a stand-alone moisturiser, and it does leave your face quite shiny looking after using it, which is fine if you use it under makeup, which is kind of what it is intended for anyway. This is why I like to use it more for some extra moisture, rather than on its own, but I wouldn’t need or want it any other way! Also, even though it does cost £18 you really only need a tiny bit to cover a large area, and so it should last you for a long time, which justifies the price tag!


Finally we have the Body Shop Tea Tree Oil, which is what I use when spots haven’t gone away and I need to give them a little push. I know that this oil is meant to be applied directly to the spot but I am 1) lazy 2) tired and 3) without any cotton buds, so I just slap this on to the area and give it a little rub in and voila, perfectly done! Again, this will work on the smaller pimple rather than a large cluster, but it helps to try anything, especially since tea tree oil is amazing for blemished skin. Also the bottle is so cute and tiny that it’s hard to resist it anyway!


Thanks for reading! Let me know what your favourite skincare products are currently and whether they work for you.

As always,

Love, Emily x

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