The Olive Branch Shower Gel from Lush

Hey guys! I thought I’d share a little review with you today on a shower gel that I think I’d say is one of my favourites! The reason I say ‘think’ is because I’ve been constantly given tons of shower gels in gift sets over the years, and because of this I’m always trying to use up random ones that are just waiting to be used. However I have used a medium sized bottle of the LUSH Olive Branch shower gel before that I chose myself from their entire range, and I have received a smaller bottle from a gift set which is nice!


On the LUSH website it is described as being full of ‘sweeping citrus notes’, with ‘hand harvested olives’ and ‘freshly squeezed mandarin juice’. I will say that the smell is not overpowering when you use it, it is more of a soft scent, but this does not detract from the shower gel. The price is more on the expensive side, but for LUSH I expect it, as this particular shower gel is cruelty-free and vegan, a win-win! It costs £5.50 for the 100ml bottle, which is the smallest size, and the bigger bottle you buy the better value for money it is. So it just depends on whether you have high hopes for it!


On the bottle it says that the gel is softening and refreshing, and I whole-heartedly agree with this description! When I use it I definitely find that it moisturises my skin, and leaves a nice residue on the skin, but not one that feels like it shouldn’t be there once it’s been washed off. So if you are looking for a smooth, moisturising shower gel then I would recommend this for you, as it is so easy to use and does a nice job.

Speaking of easy to use, I’ve found that for a shower gel, this is more of a liquid than an actual gel, and despite what you may think, you do not need a lot of this to get a good lather on. This took me AGES to finish, I took it on holiday with me last year for a two week trip when it had like less than 20ml left in the bottle, and I still didn’t finish it, even after asking my family to use it as well! I ended up bringing it back home, and even then it still took another few washes to finish it up. So if the price is throwing you off a bit, just know that it will be worth your money, unless you use a ton of it every time you wash.


If you couldn’t tell, I love this shower gel, and I highly recommend it if you are looking for an everyday wash! Have you tried this before? Did you like it?

As always,

Love, Emily x

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One thought on “The Olive Branch Shower Gel from Lush

  1. Ooo this sounds refreshing! I’ve never tried it ( never even heard of it actually!) but it sounds really nice. I use both shower gel and soap, thankfully my boyfriend only used bar soap so I don’t have to share that ha. Perhaps this can be a new addition! I am also slightly obsessed with shower gel!


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