Personal Goals for 2019

A personal post for today, but I felt like it might make me accountable if I put it out here. I’ve never really set myself new year goals as I don’t see the point in them as I fail at almost everything I want myself to do! However, I feel like this year I should almost force myself to be more positive in order to hopefully see an improvement in my wellbeing and general lifestyle. I have chosen 4 goals for this year that I will try to achieve, but we’ll have to see!


  • Use up 30 products: I know this may seem like a small amount of things, but I can never keep a good routine, and so it often takes me a while to actually get through something unless I really love it. This includes skincare, makeup, haircare and body products, just to expand the range which should actually get me there! Another reason for doing this is because I am slowly aiming to curate my holy grail products from all areas, and using products up will help me get there.
  • Read more books + count how many I’ve read: I used to read so much when I was younger, and I have just become out of touch with it in recent years. I want to change this and encourage myself to read more by noting how many books I actually manage to read. I haven’t bothered to set myself a set goal as it’ll pressure myself into reading when I may not want to, and I would rather read at my own pace and enjoy the process instead!


  • Exercise at least 2x a week: Now this is the one that I know will go horribly wrong, and we’ll have to see whether I actually manage to achieve this! Last year I did have some personal training sessions, and whilst I’ve had a lack in going to the gym the last few months, I can still tell that it made me a bit fitter, and I want to keep going this year and push myself a bit more. I think the thing I want the most is to see a more toned stomach, and luckily ab workouts are actually enjoyable for me!
  • Wear makeup at least 100 times this year: To some people this may seem really easy, but for the last couple of years my motivation has spiralled downwards and I have been abusing my makeup collection by not using it. I want to love my collection more this year, and make the time to do my makeup before going out, even if it seems silly to wear makeup for a small trip. I also want to experiment a bit more and extend my skillset, mostly for eyeshadow!


I will do my best to maintain my goals throughout the year, and I may keep you updated as I go! Let me know if you have any personal goals for this year in the comments.

As always,

Love, Emily x

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