My HONEST University Experience So Far

Hey guys, I wanted to get a bit personal with you on this post, and to talk about how I’m doing half-way into my university course. Me and uni have had and are still having a very rocky journey together, and it is definitely much different to what is usually thought, then again I may be an exception.

When it comes to university, there are so many expectations that people have of you: the need to do well, to attend everything, to get a job, to have a good social life etc., but I find most of this to be utter bullshit quite frankly. No ones’ experience is the same, and I am certainly not the typical university student either, allowing me to have a different perspective.

Maybe university is or will be the best years of your life! For me, that is not the case. I see university as just another thing to do before having to enter ‘the real world’, and I do not mean that in a condescending way, or implying that I am better than anyone else: I am not, I’m the most average person that you could meet really. I mean it more in the sense that going to uni wasn’t exciting for me in the way that it is often portrayed, and I guess it would help to explain all the reasons why this is the case.
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Living At Home

Now don’t get me wrong, living at home has its perks, such as being able to share a car with my mum, not having to do all of my own cooking, not having to pay an extortionate amount for my accommodation, and not having to keep moving every six-ish months. It is not all easy-breezy though, as you still have the stress of living with your family! It also means that I have to help clean the whole house, walk the dog, go whole-family shopping on my own, listen to my parents arguing, act like a taxi service for my brother, and various other things.

I do get to still do the things that I have been doing for years, such as my music lessons, which I enjoy thoroughly! And it means I get to sleep in my own bed everyday, which is the best. Being able to live at home was definitely one of the reasons why I chose my Uni, but it was also because my course was highly rater there so, there’s also that!

Saving + Spending Money

To a lot of people I probably seem like a boring ass bitch, who doesn’t do anything fun and isn’t living life to the fullest. Whilst that may be true, at least I’m happy with it? AND at least I am saving money, which I know a lot of other students don’t have the luxury of being able to do, what with the high cost of living and accommodation, which is a large part of why I live at home.

Being able to live at home has definitely enabled me to save more money than I’ve ever held at one time, and luckily I have been able to receive the full amount from Student Finance. Some would say ‘doesn’t that just put you in more debt?’, and whilst technically that is true, how many people actually manage to pay off their loan in full?? I see it as I’m better off getting as much money as I can now, as it will allow me to do things such as buying a car, buying a house etc., much earlier than those who either spend all of their money or take out a smaller amount.

I think I have been quite practical during the last two years, I have opened up a Lifetime ISA, – which I recommend you look into if you ever wish to purchase your own home! – and have been saving into a 12 month term savings account with a 2.5% interest rate, boring I know! But I feel like being knowledgeable of this stuff now will benefit me greatly in the future, this is why I recommend opening up a savings account and if you can, saving just a little something a month, such as £10 or £20, as the more you see your savings grow, the more you want to save even more! Unless that’s just me..?

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Social Life

Okay, I don’t have much to say as I basically don’t have one! I have a couple of people that I see now and again, but I don’t actually have any friends at Uni, like yeah I have people I speak to who are in the same class as me, but I don’t talk to them outside of that or go out and meet up with them, I really like my bed too much. However I know that a lot of people have made friends and stick to their groups, but I think that they most likely lived on campus from the start, whereas I live at home, which excludes me a teeny bit.


The bit that everyone worries about the most, what grade you get! I know that some people need a certain grade to be able to do further study or to get a particular job, or that you just aim high and feel success from that. I see it as I’ll do my best and whatever I get is that, it’s not like I can argue my way into a higher grade is it? I pride myself on being the average student, where I can excel at some things but overall I’m a basic bitch. Truly. Currently my best module is Statistics, I mean, who would have thought that! I don’t like to set myself standards as I don’t want to let myself down, which is usually inevitable, so therefore I can’t be sad that I didn’t achieve what I wanted to, as I never wanted anything to begin with! Yeah? Besides, there are other things that you can do at Uni that are just as important as grades are, such as volunteering, or gaining experience from a part-time job, or even just joining societies.

If you don’t get the grade that you wanted, just know that I believe you will still do great things, and that you are most likely good at other things that maybe aren’t to do with academia, because most people just are! Anyway, you probably can’t do any worse than me, can you?


I have not been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, mostly because I felt like having it properly diagnosed wasn’t going to have much impact on my day-to-day life. Since I do live at home, it is easier to be less anxious, as I have my family and a familiar place; I don’t know whether I would have survived moving anywhere else. However that doesn’t mean that uni is automatically easy for me, I still don’t want to go back after a break, and going to lectures still scares me even in my second year, because it’s the thought that all of these lectures and seminars end up being grouped into one final grade, that seems like it’s over in a second and then you’re left for dead.

I don’t know about you, but putting so much effort into something and coming out with something tiny in comparison seems like a waste of my time, seeing as I don’t particularly enjoy it either. I know that for others they thrive on seeing that final grade and giving it their all, but I am just not that kind of person, I’m more of the ‘whatever happens will happen’ kind of person. I still surprise myself when I manage to do well on a test, but just as equally I can do shit on a piece of coursework, and for me it all amounts to the same thing: average. I know that my way of thinking is flawed and that I could be more optimistic, but that takes up energy that I just don’t have to begin with!
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I think a final thing I have to say is that if you did not go to university or did not get the chance to, you are no different than anyone who does: no-one is special at university. Do not be discouraged if something goes wrong, it is not the end of the world, and you will get where you need to be eventually, I am sure of it. Do what makes you happy, even if you only have a little bit of time to do so, as it will make a difference in the end.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading the shambles that is this post. I just wanted to get my thoughts out and give a different take on university life as someone who does not really experience it.

As always,

Love Emily x

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