Trichology Haircare from Superdrug

Hi guys, today I wanted to do a review of the Superdrug Trichology Revitalising Scalp Shampoo // £3.99 // and Intensive Scalp Conditioner // £3.99 // that I have been testing out for a little while now. If you read my post on the TIGI Reboots Shampoo // review here // then you’d know that I was interested in testing the shampoo out especially, as it seems like a dupe that comes at a much better price point for the same amount (250ml).

Revitalising Scalp Shampoo

This is what I had the highest hopes for, and my expectations were definitely met. Whilst it is not exactly the same as the TIGI one, it does the same job and that is all that I really needed from it! It has a smooth consistency that didn’t feel drying on my hair, and it lathered nicely so it really felt like it was giving my scalp a deep clean. The fragrance is not subtle, but also not overpowering either, and I quite like it as it smells like clean without the chemical smell.

Despite the instructions I like to leave this on for a few minutes before rinsing it off, as I want to give it enough time to do its job and really give a nice clean. If you are looking for a shampoo that helps to clean your scalp then I would recommend this one!


Intensive Scalp Conditioner 

In order to give the line a real test I wanted to get the conditioner as well, to see whether it works well as an all round conditioner, or whether it is specifically designed for scalp care. It is quite thin in consistency, which works for use on the scalp as it makes it easier to wash out, but for the ends it isn’t quite thick enough. The smell of this is definitely a lot more chemical, not in a bad way as though it’s doing damage to your hair, but more that it is doing ‘harder’ work than other conditioners would. Does that make sense? No, but I hope you get my drift!

After using it I would definitely say that this is more of an addition to the shampoo, rather than a conditioner for normal everyday use. For those with thin hair types it may work well, but for those with thicker hair or dry hair I would not recommend this for you as I think you will need something more moisturising and hydrating.


Overall I am very pleased with the results that the shampoo has given, and I know that I will be purchasing this from now on as it is cruelty-free and less expensive! As for the conditioner, I am not quite sure yet as I’ll need to see how I feel about it once I’ve used it all up. As a scalp conditioner it probably does the job, but I wouldn’t be able to only use this for the lengths of my hair as well, as it’s just not moisturising enough.

I hope you found this review useful, and I’ll see you again soon!

As always,

Love, Emily x

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