A Colourpop Haul (+ Shipping to the UK)

Recently Colourpop were having a 40% off their entire website sale, and since I had chosen some items that I wanted a couple months prior, I thought now’s the time to order! I definitely don’t need any more makeup, but when it’s cheap yet such high quality, my brain thinks that it needs it, not just wants it.

Before I get into the haul, I wanted to mention the change to the way they process shipping now, as it used to be that we’d pay customs charge and pick it up from our local post office. Because they understand that the customs charge is quite frankly idiotic, they now include VAT onto the price of the order, so you pay it directly through them instead. I much prefer this method, as I paid around $10 in VAT, which comes out at about £7.80, when before I would be paying around £12, except that included the £8 Royal Mail handling fee. I know that this technically means that I’m paying more for the customs itself, but I paid less than the RM fee even is, and it still cost less than it would otherwise.

Anyway, after that lengthy paragraph, let’s get into the haul!

Firstly I went a bit wild with the Super Shock Shadows! After revising the ones I currently own, I decided to branch out and get a few more, somewhat to try and excite myself to using them again!

  • Ritz: described as a ‘sheer nude with silver glitter’, I chose this for the sultry look that I think it will give me. It seems like the kind of colour I can just wear all over the lid with only a soft brown in the crease to blend it out- easy peasy!
  • Elixir: this is a ‘matte terracotta’ colour that would be perfect for those summer evenings when you want to match the sunset, and orange goes great with blue eyes.
  • Haze: I hope the person who wrote the description for this is alright, described as a ‘pastel pink with blue duo chrome glittery finish’ (a mouthful), it says it’ll put you in a daze, and tbf wrapping your head around that description does!
  • Prickly Pear: this is sort of similar to ritz, yet it is said to be a ‘lavender with gold and violet ultra-glitter’, whatever that really is. I probably didn’t need both, but I certainly have a problem, and I admit that.
  • Tea Party: I chose this for when I want a light colour to put all over the eyes, described as a ‘soft peach with silver sparkle’, I think this will please me very much!
  • Buzzin: this is simply a ‘matte warm brown softly topped with gold glitter’, although it looks like it has a slightly purple tone to it, so it’d be a nice definer colour.
  • Brady: a shadow that is likely to be a firm favourite, a ‘soft matte dusty rose’, which I can see myself using in a variety of ways, and I am definitely excited to use it!

Next I got a couple of Ultra Satin Liquid Lipsticks, one in ‘Magic Wand’ (a light nude), and one in ‘Strip’ (a warm beige). In person both of these look very similar, but I’m sure that once they are on the lips I’ll be able to see the difference. I have tried an Ultra Satin before, but the colour I chose was a bit too bright for my liking, and so I have been put off wearing it, which is a shame really. So I wanted to get a couple more that were more wearable and hope I feel more encouraged!

I was also interested in trying out their Ultra Blotted Liquid Lipsticks, as I like a sheer colour, and thought that out of all of them this may end up being my favourite formula from them. I got the colour ‘Zuma’, described as a warm nude, which isn’t really the best description for this as it looks more pink, and isn’t exactly much of a description in the first place! Since I last ordered from them they have also come out with bullet lipsticks, and even though I certainly don’t need anymore I just wanted to try them out. I only got one though in ‘Tip Toe’, a light cool-toned nude that looks like it’d suit me well with my pale ass skin! In the bullet it doesn’t look as cool-toned as the picture on the website, but I’m sure I’ll still love it anyway!

L-R: Tip Toe, Zuma, Magic Wand, Strip

Lastly I got a Small Shader Brush to use with all of the shimmery shades that I bought, and one of their Large Empty Eyeshadow Palettes, which I am planning to use to hold all of my Makeup Geek eyeshadows, as it looks sturdy and very pretty to look at!

If you’re interested in ordering from Colourpop I would say that you won’t be disappointed, and now that it’s easier to bypass the customs charges it’ll save you some money too! I will say that if you’re unsure of any colours, look up swatches online, as the website photos can sometimes look different once they have filters and are edited.

I hope you enjoyed this and maybe found something you like the look of, let me know what Colourpop products you love and if you’d recommend any others!

As always,

Love Emily x

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