Mario Badescu vs. The Body Shop – Facial Sprays

Today I wanted to compare two well known facial sprays for you, to see whether one is better than the other or whether they are more or less the same thing! I have the Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Face Mist, and the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater. I am going to split this into sections so that it doesn’t become one long paragraph, and so that you can find what you want to know a lot easier! So let’s get into it shall we?



When you compare the prices of these two sprays, the Mario B one comes out as being much better value for money. Here I have an 118ml bottle against a 100ml Body Shop bottle, with both of these being the smallest bottles that they offer on sale, so to start with you get 18ml more in the MB one. Now, MB actually offer this spray in two sizes, the 118ml, or a 236ml one, with the prices being £7 and £11. Whereas the BS only offers this 100ml size, and the standard price it is sold for is £10, so clearly right away you can tell that the MB spray is better value when you purchase the smaller size, being £3 cheaper. If you wanted the bigger size of the MB, you would only be paying £1 more for over 100% more product, which is a steal really. So in this category Mario B comes out on top.

Mist + Spray Quality/ Packaging

In my experience, the BS spray has a lot more power to it, and sprays more than the MB does, however this doesn’t necessarily make it better. The MB spray I find to be a little bit finer, and it has a softer spray to it, making it nicer to use if you wanted a quick burst of hydration over makeup for instance. In terms of the actual packaging itself, I have no problems with either of them, and the spray seems to work about the same for both.

I will admit that the BS packaging does look more expensive compared to the MB one, but I don’t want half of the price to go towards the packaging when it’s the product I’m actually interested in. The MB spray feels a bit more lightweight though, which may make it good for travelling, although it is slightly bigger, and so it depends on how much space you have.

Feel + Hydration

With the BS spray you are definitely aware that you have sprayed it on your face, and it takes around 20 seconds to dry depending on how many mists you like (I like coating myself in it). I use this one before bed as out of the two it feels like the heavier one, probably because it sprays harder, and before I was using the MB one in the morning in addition to my skincare. Since the MB one feels as though it has a finer mist, I like it more for daily use, such as if I just want a quick spray to refresh myself, whereas I don’t feel that way about the BS one. Both of them offer hydration, it just depends on whether you like it full force or a finer mist.


Both have subtle scents to them, most likely a bit rosey in note. I’d say that they’re pretty similar, but the MB scent lingers a little bit longer and is a bit more notable, although it’s nothing that you’ll still be able to smell a minute later. So it just depends on whether you like having a fragrance in your spray, and if so do you like a rose scent, as that is what you’ll be getting!


Overall, I think that the Mario Badescu spray wins it for me, as you get more for the price and I just feel more refreshed when I use it. Let me know if you’ve tried both, and if so which one do you prefer?

As always,

Love, Emily x

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