Models Own Barely There 2 | Eyeshadow Palette Review


Hey guys! I bought the Models Own Barely There 2 eyeshadow palette a while ago, and feel like I have managed to get a good feel for what the eyeshadows are like, and whether the palette is worth it! I don’t know for how much longer this palette might be available as the only place I could find it was Next!

Firstly, the design is very fitting with the brand’s look, and is very slim so would be quite good for travel. The pan sizes are also quite large, so at £15 I think you get good value! It comes with a large mirror which is also a bonus. It is very lightweight, and somewhat smaller than average as well, making it easy to store.

In terms of the quality of the palette, it’s definitely not the best on the market, and I think it is possible to find better quality for cheaper, however I haven’t really tried out many drugstore eyeshadows so I can’t say for sure. I would definitely label this as a palette for beginners, as the colour scheme is very much centred around reddy-brown, and the shadows need to be built up for full pigment, although you can get there! I did do some swatches of the palette, which you’ll find below:


As you can see from the swatches, the mattes can be built up to give a good colour payoff, and the darker shimmers perform the best out of all them. The WORST two shadows by far are the first two shimmers in the top row, which do not really build up any further than my swatches, which is slightly disappointing, as when you look at the palette they look very different in the pan. I’d say these are more of topper shades if you’re going to use them, as they certainly will not act like a normal shimmer otherwise. I found that the other shimmers had good pigmentation, and were very smooth in application.

The mattes are nothing special, but are still good enough to do a simple look. One complaint is that all of these have a red undertone, which isn’t completely apparent until you put them on the eye. My other complaint is that the darkest brown is not that dark on the eye, it ends up being more like the other dark brown, even after being built up, so I would also say that nearly all of the mattes appear lighter than they look. This can be annoying if you want to deepen things up, but aren’t able to because the dark brown isn’t even that dark! On that note I would also say that this palette will most likely not work for deeper skin tones due to colours coming up light, but the deeper shimmers would still pack a punch.


Overall I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this palette, but it isn’t the worst palette out there, and is extremely useable for everyone! Let me know if you’ve tried this palette or similar, or even what your thoughts are on the brand?

As always,

Love Emily x

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