Don’t Forget Your Sun Cream!

As the warmer weather draws nearer, I just want to remind everyone (and myself!) to make sure to apply sun cream, even if it’s just a little bit to shield your face. I’ll admit I don’t wear it as much as I should, even in the summer when it’s burning hot, mostly because I hate the feel of the majority of creams on the market, and after I’ve applied it I have to wash my hands to get the sticky feeling off them! Just me?

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Since I will apply normal cream on my body, I don’t need to worry about that, however one thing I absolutely HATE is applying that same cream on my face. The heavy feeling it gives and the stickiness is just horrible, and so I wanted to find a different cream that would be suited to my face, yet still offer me good protection.

Last year I scouted out the Body Shop Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence (discontinued unfortunately), which is a lightweight lotion that sinks into your face as if there’s barely anything there, and provides a subtle glow too. It has SPF 50 to help defend against those pesky UVB rays, which damage your skin’s surface, and also has PA++++, which protects your skin from UVA rays, the rays that penetrate your skin deeper and speed up the ageing process; not fun for anyone I’m sure!

No matter what you use, just make sure to use it, especially with these rising temperatures which are slowly killing the planet! All we can do is try our best to do our parts, but make sure you look after yourself along the way too. Have you tried this particular sun lotion before? Or tried out some similar ones from other brands? Let me know so I can look into them if they’re good!

As always,

Love Emily x

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