Dear Bra Companies, We Need To Talk

A little bit of a rambling post today, but alas still a somewhat serious one too. The topic at hand is ‘bras’; and why I have various problems with the way brands go about creating them, advertising them, and even catering to everyone who has boobs.



So, let’s start off with bra sizings, where they get it right, and where they get it wrong. Firstly, I have no beef in regards to actual lingerie companies and the sizes they create, as I know that I will be able to get my size from them without much hassle, and that most do offer larger sizes that hopefully do cater to a lot of people out there. Secondly, I personally know that sometimes different brands vary even when you buy the same size, but I will come to that later.

As mentioned, this first problem is not aimed at lingerie companies, but more so at clothing companies who want to release their own range, but fail in being able to cater to everyone. A lot of brands offer bralet’s in clothing sizes, not actual bra sizes, and this is a highly unreliable way to gage what your size will be. For example, I have seen a particular company only offer sizes up to a UK12, which I find very annoying, as even thought I am a 32F, I can just about fit into that sizing, but again it depends on the brand and whether they size small, large, or true to size. In any case it is not acceptable. Either offer everyone the chance or just don’t bother, because it’s not fair that a lot of people are excluded simply because they have bigger boobs, and you’re too lazy to cater to them as well. If more brands did I’m sure they’d get a better profit too!



My pet peeve; extra padding. I understand that a lot of people appreciate having an extra boost, but nowadays I find it really hard to choose a bra that doesn’t come with padding, and at worst it can’t be removed. I still have a problem with padding that can be removed though, because I find that it’s a waste of fabric that I will ultimately end up throwing away because I didn’t want it in the first place, and I have no need for it at all.

If you are searching in a store then of course it is a lot easier to tell which bras have padding and which ones don’t, but ordering online? Bad luck. I’ve found that they don’t mention in the descriptions that there is padding, and at the same time they don’t show any photos of the inside either, so how the hell am I supposed to know which ones are standard and which ones have padding. Of course I know that push-up bras have padding, and that’s why I don’t buy them. But if I see one that says t-shirt bra, and it comes with extra padding? I’m pissed. Just tell me specifically before I buy, please!

Oh also, can we have some nice patterned bras without padding too? Because I would like to buy some super cute or sexy looking ones without having to either deal with the padding or send them back.


You’d think that if you are a 32F in one brand, that you’d be the same in another? Or that if you fit that size in one style, surely you’d also fit the size in a different one? Nah. I bought two bras from the same company, slightly different styles, one fit okay, and the other one had a smaller back band, to the point where I felt like if I tried wearing it I would break it. I just don’t understand who such discrepancies can occur like this, surely the back band should remain the same even if the style if different, seeing as I both bought them in the same bra size as well?

It’s similar to how jean sizes differ WILDLY between clothing brands, but when that same piece of clothing comes from the same brand, I expect sizes to remain consistent. If you want my money, I want to know that I get what I am expecting, and nothing else.

Sports Bras

You know what we still haven’t talked about? Goddamn SPORTS BRAS! Why is it so hard to find a good fit without my boobs either trying to escape, or still continuing to move as though I wasn’t wearing one at all? I need help, severe help, and my boobs aren’t even that big compared to a lot of people, and so if I’m having trouble finding a good size, I feel sorry for anyone else who have a limited choice in what they can buy.

The real problem is that at the end of the day, they are lumps of fat hanging off of our bodies that we have no control over, so why do we get scrutinised based on how big they are? All I want is to be able to move a bit more rigorously without feeling like my chest is going to rip off because of the unavoidable weight I am carrying. Just me?


Does anyone else share my pain – or am I just complaining? Let me know!

As always,

Love Emily x

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