Antipodes Vanilla Pod Day Cream | Review

This one goes out to all my dry skinned pals, cause it’s a rough life, and it makes makeup application a whole lot harder than those with normal skin. Of course it can be tough for oily skinned people as well, but I don’t think that this particular product is for you, as you will soon find out!


Here we have the Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream, which I have in a smaller size by purchasing it in a duo with their Avocado Oil to test them out. The full size version of this comes in a tub, and you get 60ml for £27, which is on the pricier size for skincare, but this cream is quite thick, and a little spreads out a lot. It is vegan, and is infused with Manuka Honey to keep skin ‘clear and fresh’, along with Rosehip Oil to help scars and wrinkles, and Vinanza Grape as a skin friendly antioxidant.

This cream is VERY thick, not too extreme, but enough that you can easily end up with way too much if you’re not careful. At first I didn’t think that I liked this, as it’s the kind of cream that spreads out into a white-ish colour before fully being absorbed. Once I realised that this was where I was going wrong, I started to really enjoy using it to provide deep moisture for my skin.


As a gal with dry skin, when I feel like I need an extra boost of moisture this is what I reach for, but I personally think that this is a bit too heavy to use as a day cream, unless you have extremely dry skin or are using it underneath makeup to really moisturise the skin first. Some people have said in reviews that this can feel a little oily, and I agree with that wholly! It isn’t oily in the typical sense – it feels nowhere like an actual oil – but you are aware that you’ve put this cream on, and that it is working to hydrate.

If you cannot stand the feeling of your skin being oily then I would not recommend this to you, as you will notice it almost immediately. However I like to use this as a night cream instead, the complete opposite of what it says it is! Just because at night I don’t feel as bothered about my skin feeling as though I have something heavy on it, and then in the morning it is moisturised enough to only need a lighter moisturiser anyway.

If you’re not sure whether it would work for you, they do offer this tube separately or as a duo like I mentioned before. If you realise it is too much for your skin you could always use it as a quick mask to add in some extra moisture, as out here in the beauty world we like to make our products multi-tasking!

Have you tried this before, or anything from Antipodes as a brand?

As always,

Love, Emily x

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