Personal Goals Update: What Have I Achieved So Far?

Welcome back! That’s both for me and you since I’ve been non-existent for the last couple months. Life just catches up doesn’t it? I have a lot of free time though so I need to get my arse in gear and keep working on my blog. I have a somewhat late mid-year update on my personal goals that I set for myself at the start of the year, which can be read here. Without further ado, let’s see how well I’ve done so far!

First up let’s get the bad stuff out of the way: exercise. Currently on my little notepad it reads that i’ve exercised three times since the start of the year… whoops! Okay it’s not actually as bad as that, as for the last few months I have been walking the dog at least once a day, sometimes twice, along with walking into town etc. so I have exercised, just not like actual dedicated gym going or strength workouts. I do still want to get back to the gym before summer is over, and this is something I will try to work on.

Second item is: reading books. I mean, i’ve read three in total this year, part way through another, so it’s not great but it could be worse! I have also spent time reading comic books too, but haven’t included them in the count because they don’t take up the same amount of time as other books do. I think maybe i’ll try to have read six before the end of the year, and will see if I can improve upon that for next year.

Thirdly, makeup is hard to get through, sometimes hard to wear, and so I am falling behind on my target, but am sure I can make it up before the end of the year. Currently as I am writing this I have worn a full face of makeup (e.g. brows and mascara along with face products) 33 times this year. To some of you that is probably extremely poor, but I just don’t wear it when I go out as much as I did a few years ago. Technically I should have worn it 50 times by now if I was trying to do it half and half, but I do still have five and a half months left to reach my target of 100. Pray for me, and my makeup, which is most certainly in need of some loving!

Finally, the best goal in terms of progress; use up 30 products. I can proudly say that I am currently on 24 products used up completely, and am working my way through many others! I haven’t included mundane things such as toothpaste or soap as it is specifically about my beauty products. Some things I had wanted to actually finish, others were just through using them consistently. I definitely get great satisfaction when I can finally finish an item and add it to the list!

So there we have it, six months into the year. I will do a final update at the end of the year too, and we shall see whether I have been able to improve these statistics!

As always,

Love, Emily x

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