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Over the last year I’ve tried out a few brands of lipliners, and it didn’t take long for me to realise which ones I loved more than the other. Makeup is obviously very personal, and so my opinion is most likely different to a lot of other people’s, but I’m sure I won’t get hate for my preference on lipliners! So I thought I would just talk about how I feel about the different kinds and what I like/ dislike about them, and hopefully you can tell me what you prefer too.

I think it’s fair to say that there are only really two types of lipliners: cream, and pencil. Of course there are different variations within these categories, but I think that we can agree these are the main types. So, I’ve come to realise that I much prefer pencil lipliners over cream, purely because I find that with the cream ones, I struggle to keep a sharp line without it feathering, or smudging where it shouldn’t. With pencil ones, it is much easier for me to line where I want, and wipe it away when I’ve messed up, without getting it all over my chin as well.

Now, this is where it gets trickier though. My preference for creams differs between the packaging that it comes in! Stupid, I know right? But I’ve found that retractable cream liners are all good, whereas cream liners that come in a pencil format, are a big no-no – despite the fact that I have a few which I need to use up really…

So, what actually comes of all this? Well, nothing really, I just wanted to talk about them, and see what others think too. I won’t name brands because there’s no need, but I will say that cheaper lip liners basically do the exact same as more expensive brands, so don’t think you need to spend a lot on lipliners, as they all do the same thing in the end!

Do you have a lipliner preference, or am I just rambling on?

Anyway! As always,

Love, Emily x

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One thought on “My Thoughts On… | Lipliners

  1. Oh my I lovvvveeee lip liners! I feel like sometimes they are better than lipstick to wear on their own! However I add a nyx butter gloss to them! No word of a lie the best lip liner I’ve tested is as much as people hate it Kylie and next in line is mac along with nyc!

    Love Nat xx

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