Things I Am Hoping For

A more chilled post, but also somewhat important personally. Currently I have a couple weeks left until I go back to university, and it just had me thinking about the things I hope will happen, and generally hope will be okay for the rest of the year. Naturally I am starting to worry, and I know that as term draws nearer I will worry even more, as I don’t particularly find uni to be enjoyable, but I know that it isn’t hell like I imagine it to be. So I thought I would note all of the things that I am hoping for going forward, in order to help comfort myself and to maybe put them into the universe too.

That University Is Okay, and I Survive It

I’m about to enter my final year, which means dissertation time and probably more stress that I’ve ever felt before – I am scared, somewhat that I’m going to do horribly and have wasted three years, and somewhat that I’m going to break out of my comfort zone, which isn’t a bad thing, but it naturally makes me feel uncomfortable. My only glimmer of hope currently is that I was lucky, and have already done the majority of testing (I study Psychology), meaning that I can start writing the results much faster than others who have to gather data during the year. The other bit of hope I have is that over the summer I managed to secure an internship with a local company, and have the option to continue that part-time once I start back at uni, which means I no longer need to worry about finding a job for now, and get to make a little bit of money too.

That I Actually Manage to Use Up Some of my Makeup

Okay, this may not seem like it’s that important, but recently I’ve started becoming annoyed with myself because I just neglect all of the makeup I own. I know that in order to use up products I actually have to use them, but the physical application is just not as enjoyable as the idea of wearing it anymore, despite the fact that I enjoy some of the new releases and would very much like to purchase them at some point. So, I am being very strict from now on, and I will not be buying any new makeup until I am happier with my consumption. Me and my family would like to go to New York next year, and so if it comes to it I will halt any new purchases until then, and instead will focus on the brands that I cannot currently buy here in the UK, such as Bite Beauty, although a lot of them are making their way here which is great.

That I Can Find a Love for Exercise

I am the worst at going to gym, and I don’t think I’ve been in about five months, which is really bad since I am paying money for it and essentially wasting it. I don’t hate exercise, it’s just finding the motivation to keep going, and be consistent with it too. Aside from taking my dog on walks, I don’t do other exercise at home, as it simply feels weird, and as I said I have no motivation for it unless I’m physically at the gym. So if my university timetable seems okay, I will try to go to the gym either before or after, and maybe try out some classes since they are included within the membership. I also need to build up the courage to go again after so many months, but I know what exercises I can do, and will slowly work my way back into it, and take my time if I feel a bit too overwhelmed.

So these are the things that I am hoping for in the next few months! I really hope that things will turn out okay, because I will be very unhappy if they don’t. Are you hoping for anything before the year is up?

As always,

Love, Emily x

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