My New Favourite Foundation Brush + A Foundation Discussion

Foundation is something that I want to love, but for some reason just don’t. I’ve tried a few, and I’ve just found that my skin looks just as good when I’ve only used concealer and then gone in with other products. Of course that won’t stop me from lusting after them and desperately hoping that they’ll be everything I’ve ever wanted – and more. However I am not allowed to buy anymore until I actually use the ones that I already own, as they are neglected, and I don’t want to waste them anymore, as I am trying to be more environmentally conscious, and simply loathe the idea of chucking something that has hardly been used.

But I have hope – that one day I will manage to use an entire bottle of foundation, and begin to enjoy the process of makeup application again, as this year it has taken a very hard hit, and I’m just not happy with the amount I own that is not being used. I have set myself a project pan, but sometimes I just don’t want to wear makeup – and that is usually every day, so I am not making progress like other people do. Don’t get me wrong, I have made some progress that I am happy with, but not enough for me to be comfortable adding to my collection yet, despite the ever growing wish lists…


ANYWAY! Enough of me moaning and making excuses, here’s the more exciting part of this post – I’ve found a brush for foundation that I actually don’t mind using! I picked up the e.l.f. Beautifully Precise Airbrush Stipple Brush | £10 | in my latest order, and I was so happy that I did, as it isn’t so dense that it makes my skin look even drier when I buff it onto my skin, but has enough firmness to give a nice sheer blend – which is my preferred look. I don’t think this is the brush for those who prefer higher coverage foundations, as it doesn’t have enough ‘strength’ to provide a full blend that they may require.

It features extremely soft, white fibre hairs that are of course cruelty-free, to help provide a ‘buildable, airbrushed coverage’. These fibres are also vegan, as they are synthetic, as is most of their brush line, which is a great feat to have for such an affordable makeup line. As you can see in the photo, there are some longer fibres that stick out past the main bulk of the brush – it is supposed to come like this, and is not simply falling apart from the start. I have seen people complain about this when leaving reviews, and it is clearly this way before you take it out of the packaging, and since I have used it a fair few times too I can say that these are not shedding, and that the brush is actually very good quality. Also the product photos on their website show these longer bristles, so that helps to prove that it is meant to be like that!

Thanks for reading this post if you made it this far, and I’ll hopefully see you again on my next post! Tell me how you feel about foundation, and what your favourite brush is?

As always,

Love, Emily x

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3 thoughts on “My New Favourite Foundation Brush + A Foundation Discussion

  1. Omg I totally understand the feeling of wanting new makeup, but wanting your current collection to either be smaller or to get better use overall. For me, powder products (particular eyeshadow, blush, and highlighter) are the hardest to get through… but I want to finish one one someday!!

    Love the flatlay featuring your brushes!!


  2. I’ve got an e.l.f. eyeshadow brush and I love using it, so I can definitely see their other brushes working wonders. I also have a massive makeup collection and need to cut down on what I buy and stuff. It is so hard to get through products, especially when you keep buying new ones. I’m also stripping back on the amount of products I buy in an attempt to get through my collection first!

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    1. I’ve really managed to withhold from buying new things now since I’m in the mindset of using older stuff up first – it’s actually great because when I do buy something new I’ll really have to think about whether I want it!


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