My Plans for 2020

I’ve been having a good think about this over the last week, and I’ve realised that overall I need to try harder in all aspects of my life. I’ll go over the goals I set for myself in 2019 (spoiler alert, not the best!), and explain the steps that I want to take this year to try and improve myself in all areas – good and bad. So I’ll start with a recap of last years’ goals and then discuss what I want to do this year hopefully!

Use Up 30 Products: Now this was a success, but I didn’t necessarily think that it wouldn’t be since it is quite easy to do when you focus on using your products more. Throughout the year I was able to use up 34 products; most of these were skincare or body care so it’s not that hard to believe. Next year I think I can do a lot better though!

Wear Makeup at Least 100 Times: I’m stupid. I could only manage a full face of makeup 62 times over this year. That is such a poor amount for someone who loves makeup and has a decent collection – yet somehow I have nothing to show for it. Some people wear makeup everyday and actually utilise their collection – me? Can barely manage a third of the whole year. I will do better this year.

Read More Books: This was not great. Three books? Yes, three. My reading game has been so poor the last few years since more things have been happening. I have received a few new things to read for Christmas so I have more than enough to keep me going this year, with the hopes to buy even more!

Exercise at Least 2x a Week: Okay, so, this was technically achieved, but not in the way that I wanted to. Due to having a dog I often go on many walks during the week, which easily achieves the goal – but I didn’t do anything in the way of strength training or more intense cardio that I only really feel comfortable doing at the gym… which I haven’t been to since May. I have been paying for my membership and not using it at all, so this is the year, the year I make going to the gym a routine thing (I hope)!

Now that I’ve addressed the horror that was what I did in 2019, let’s get on to my wishes for 2020. Firstly, I need to get out into the world a lot more because I stay at home way too much, and I don’t think that it does me a lot of good sometimes. Examples of this include going on longer dog walks, going to the cinema more, or just going into town once a week even if it’s just for a browse and a drink without needing to go for something specific. On this note I also need to take up more opportunities that might become available to me, such as a new job that could help me improve my skills, give me an understanding of what I might want to do in terms of a career. Going to the gym falls into both of these, as it will help me get out whilst doing something useful, and provides me with the opportunity to improve myself!

Secondly, following on from last year, I actually need to use my makeup more – much more. If I make myself go out more, I feel like I’ll have more excuses to use it so that I feel better when I go out, and don’t get me wrong I in no way need makeup to go outside, but I will admit that it does add confidence when I do wear it out. I also need to improve on my ‘self-care’ activities such as actually washing my hair when it needs washing and washing my face as least once a day. Since I also have a lot of moisturisers that I desperately need to use up, I need to moisturise my body at least after every shower I take – which includes taking the extra time to do so!

Thirdly I need to clean my room more and make it feel more like my own, such as adding more wall art, decorative pieces and hopefully some plants that I can manage to keep alive. I will set myself a schedule to follow like washing certain things every fortnight, cleaning countertops every week even if they don’t look like they need doing. When my room is tidy I also want to take more outfit pictures and pictures in general, both for the blog and instagram posts – gotta build that following! It may sound silly to say that I want to post more pictures, but I really need to for my self-confidence. If I push myself to post more, I can aim to improve my makeup skills and photography skills at the same time, all whilst hopefully building my following further than I was able to last year. A lot of these things may sound boring and typical, but I am who I am and I still don’t do everything right, but I want to try and be better. I finish uni this year, and I want to develop some good habits before I start becoming more of a grown up!

So these are my plans for this year, boring yes, but much needed. Do you have any plans for yourself this year – if so I want to hear them, just drop me a comment.

As always,

Love, Emily x

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