A Potential Low-Buy + Project Pan 2020

After the failure of not using up any makeup, I want to do better this year. I know that I have the capability to use up more than I do, and believe me I really want to – for some reason I’m just shit at actually putting my makeup on? I put makeup on the other day and was actually happy with my eye look, so I know that it’s possible for me to successfully wear makeup, yet for some reason I don’t.

So, up until my birthday in June I will put myself on a low-buy, which won’t be that hard as I already purchase very little nowadays anyway! This is more for the knowledge that I am aiming to use more of what I currently have since there is nothing wrong with my makeup collection, and a lot of it makes me very happy when I look at it too. Unlike a lot of people I’m not going to set limits for myself, as I’m already quite good at not spending a lot at once (usually I won’t spend more than £50 per order). I have also already purchased a fair amount in 2019 too (well for me that is), so I don’t have a need for any new items currently.

I’m also on the fence about doing a project pan this year, as due to my lack of makeup wearing I failed so bad last year that I have already deleted the posts mentioning it! However, I have gone through my collection and am decluttering a load of products, some that were in the project and others that I know I’m just not going to use/ are getting old and should be chucked out already. Overall, I am decluttering a total of 32 items, 34 including a mascara and brow gel that are drying up. I am very happy with this as my collection is not extremely large but decent enough, and this will give me a better chance to use the newer things that I have bought without worrying that the older items are continuously getting older. After this declutter I believe that I have also gotten rid of all of my non-cruelty free products, bar one lipstick that I want to finish up first!

If I do decide to do a project pan again I think I will be simpler this time, instead only focusing on one item from each category and then replacing that when I have used the product a decent amount. This way I don’t have to worry about how I’m never going to finish ten different lipsticks in a year whilst not getting much use out of them, but it also means that I can use other items without feeling the need to use them all the time too. I’ve written it down now so there’s no going back; one product from each category e.g. foundation, concealer, lipstick etc., although I don’t expect myself to finish a full eyeshadow palette, so I’ll focus on a particular eyeshadow instead until I hit pan, then I will choose another to focus on.

Thank you for reading, and let me know if you’re doing anything like this in 2020, whether it be a low-buy, no-buy, or a huge declutter – I want to know!

As always,

Love, Emily x

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