My Deep-Clean Hair Routine

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A solid hair routine is a must, especially if your hair is part of how you express yourself. That’s why over time I’ve developed my own routine for when my hair needs to be cleaned really well, and be fool proof at the same time (aka to not look like it hasn’t been washed even after washing, cause trust me it’s happened). That’s why I wanted to share my deep-clean routine with you, in case it helps you to find some new products that have never let me down, or to see how you could model your own routine!

To start with I recommend brushing your hair before you wash it, as it will make it easier to wash, and a lot easier to brush later on. This will work for most people if you have straight or wavy hair, but obviously if you have hair that can’t be brushed easily e.g. dreads or really curly hair, just do whatever you need to do for your own hair. Now it’s time to get your hair wet, like really wet. If your hair isn’t dripping wet, it’s not ready for the shampoo yet! My favourite thing to use currently is the Umberto Giannini Scalp Scrub | review | which is a scrub and shampoo all in one, so there’s no need to use an extra shampoo alongside this. It truly works wonders, and lathers up really well without being too harsh of a scrub either. I recommend using this around once a week to provide a really deep clean and help to remove any build up from the week before.

Depending on what I’ve used during the week previously, sometimes I do follow this up with the Bleach London Silver Shampoo to help tone my blonde hair and refresh it a little bit. I find that this works nicely as I know that my hair is definitely as clean as it can be, and so the shampoo can really work its magic. If I do use this as well, I’ll follow it up with the Silver Conditioner to finish, as it helps to seal in what the shampoo has just done, and provide my hair with some much needed moisture. For a conditioner that focuses on toning, it is so nourishing, and makes my ends feel soft every time that I use it – it’s seriously better than some other ‘normal’ conditioners that I have tried.

If my routine that day doesn’t consist of toning as well, my go-to conditioning treatment is the Body Shop Shea Butter Hair Mask. It does a lovely job of moisturising my hair without weighing it down, and it washes out nicely too which is an added bonus. If you’re looking for a mask that actually works (and is cruelty-free!) I think that you should try this, especially if you have dry ends like me. After showering I like to let my hair dry about halfway before I brush it again, and then I’ll finish with some Moroccanoil review | on my ends, just to really add as much moisture as possible, and leave me with silky soft ends!

Assuming all has gone well I’m left with healthy looking, well cleaned and moisturised hair! I hope that this has either helped you to find some new products, or inspires you to come up with your own routine for when you want your hair looking great. Let me know what your fool-proof hair products are, and what you would highly recommend.

As always,

Love, Emily x

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