Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk – Worth the Hype?

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Today I wanted to talk about some of the items from Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk collection, which I’m sure many of you will have heard of, and seen by now, and most likely already own. For those of you who have been holding back, maybe this will help you to decide whether these products will be for you!

Pillow Talk Eyeshadow Quad

Ooh boy, pinks? Yes please! I just think that pink eyeshadows look so pretty, although they can make you look a bit ill if they don’t go with your skin tone… However I have quite pale skin so I think as long as it’s obvious that I’m wearing eyeshadow I should be fine. On this note, this particular quad will most likely not work for deeper skin tones, and may just about work on medium skin tones, which means it is not very universal. In terms of quality, I was pleasantly surprised with the mattes, not so much the shimmer, and thought that the glitter ‘pop’ was what I was expecting it to be.

Firstly, the mattes were really pigmented, showed up true to colour on my eyelids, and were distinguishable in colour despite them not looking too different in the pans. I have to say that the deeper matte colour was the real standout, it has just a little hint of brown to it that makes it look really nice on the eyes. The glitter shade wasn’t particularly great, but it wasn’t really poor either, although it’s probably one I won’t use as much as the others. The shimmer shade I have to say was actually my least favourite! There isn’t anything wrong in terms of pigmentation, it was smooth albeit a little bit chalky, however it didn’t look as good on my eyes as other shimmers have, and for the price it could have been a bit better overall.

Pillow Talk Lip Liner + Lipstick

Along with the eyeshadow quad I bought both the Pillow Talk lipstick and lipliner, since it seemed like a nice pair to purchase together, and I’d already wanted to try out the lipliner anyway. I have to say, the colour of the lipstick is beautiful, and the formula is like nothing else I have ever tried, so it seems like all the reviews of the lipstick are true. The lipstick is matte, not drying, it doesn’t tug on the lips, but instead glides on so smoothly as if it were a cream formula. I am very happy with the lipstick purchase, and I think it matches the eyeshadows really well, especially the deeper shade, as I’d say they are more or less the same colour.

As for the lipliner, it is smooth and creamy, but not so much that it slips around whilst applying it. It is matte but not drying, just like the lipstick, and has a nice pinky tone to it as you’d expect it to. I actually found that the lipliner seemed to pull a little bit lighter on my lips than the lipstick did, however it is still a nice colour regardless, and pairs well with the lipstick. Other than that it isn’t exceptional, but if you want to spend a little bit more on a luxurious range then I see no reason why you shouldn’t also buy the lipliner. You can also save a little bit of money buying the pair than individually too!

Final Thoughts

This collection is as pretty as I expected it to be, but I have to say that the standouts for me are definitely the matte eyeshadows, and naturally the lipstick in Pillow Talk. It is quite clear to see why this particular lipstick shade and formula are so highly coveted, and I would definitely purchase more in this range once I finish a few other lipsticks I currently own. If you’re willing to spend a little bit more on these products then I don’t think you’ll be too disappointed, but if you really want to try something from the range, my go-to pick would be the Pillow Talk lipstick!


I hope you found this little review useful, and let me know your thoughts on these products – have you tried them before? What is your favourite item?

As always,

Love, Emily x

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