Frank Body – Worth the Hype?

Frank Body products

Well hello there! A brand that has been growing in size these past few years that I haven’t got around to trying until now is… Frank Body! An Australian brand that focuses on natural beauty whilst still giving great results, it is cruelty-free with a variety of vegan products available. Their most prominent, and famous ingredient is simply coffee – or coffee grinds mixed with essential oils to be precise. With a lot of products to choose from, I thought I would try out something from each category to get a good feel for what they offer. I hope this post inspires you to try some products from this brand, so let’s get into the review shall we?

Shower Together Kit – Peppermint Mocha

“Antibacterial Peppermint Scrub and antioxidant rich Cacao Scrub blended with signature Robusta coffee grinds… both do the dirty work to take on dry skin, scars, bumps and marks… leaving you with smooth, soft, glowing skin”

This smells beautiful, and is definitely something that feels pampering when you’re in the shower. The Peppermint Coffee Scrub and Cacao Coffee Scrub smell exactly as you’d expect them to, and really feels like you’re giving your skin a good exfoliation! How much you want to use depends on whether you’re going for a whole body scrub or targeting specific areas – but since it is quite finely milled I’d say that you wouldn’t go through the bag too fast. Rinsing it off is easy, and you can feel how soft it leaves your skin afterwards – so if you’re looking to be left with that silky smooth feeling then these scrubs may be for you!

Whilst the peppermint scrub is aimed at fighting body breakouts, and the cacao scrub for dry skin, they both do the same thing, and I’d say choose one that you think you’d like the smell of best! Retailing at £14 for a full size bag, I think that it’s worth it considering that it’s not an everyday kind of thing, and I haven’t ever used something quite like this before. I will say that this is best used after a normal body wash, as it doesn’t completely eliminate the smell of sweat after use (sorry if TMI) – however it will leave you smelling lovely, and using it as an extra part of your routine will feel even more luxurious!


Non-Stop Hair Duo – Caffeinated Scalp Scrub and Hair Mask

“Caffeinated Scalp Scrub removes product build up and promotes a healthier scalp, whilst the Caffeinated Hair Mask helps to restore damaged hair, to make it soft and bouncy – minus the silicones and synthetics”

I’ll be honest, the Caffeinated Scalp Scrub isn’t my favourite product from the range. The texture is good and feels like a scrub should do, but I have a hard time working it into my scalp due to how it doesn’t budge once you’ve placed it – it doesn’t lather either, it truly is a scrub. Because it doesn’t move I also have trouble washing it out of my hair since it doesn’t dissolve, and I find that the pieces of the scrub move further down my hair and get stuck. It is recommended that you part your hair along the scalp and apply a small amount, parting a new section every time – if you use this too frequently I think you could quite easily go through it faster than you’d like to. Also, if like me you have long, thick hair, you’ll understand how hard it can be to part wet hair directly at the scalp, let alone do this over the entire head – it’s definitely a workout! It did clean my scalp nicely, but I think this would suit people with either shorter or finer hair to really get it in good.

Out of the two products, I definitely prefer the Caffeinated Hair Mask for my hair. It is not too runny but not too thick either, making it easy to spread throughout your ends and the rest of your hair. It definitely leaves your hair feeling softer than before – however considering that I haven’t had my hair cut in months now it probably doesn’t do the mask justice on my dry, damaged hair. If you have finer hair that is in need of some moisture every now and again I think you’d quite enjoy this, but it might be a little lacklustre for those with thicker hair!

Original Face Scrub

“A targeted exfoliator that detoxifies pores, fights breakouts, acne and fades scars thanks to the blend of coffee, bamboo and walnut”

This face scrub works a treat at removing all the dirt and grime that has built up on your skin, and leaves your skin feeling softer afterwards. The Original Face Scrub is the one for you if you suffer from extremely dry skin and are always in need of some extra strong stuff to get your skin glowing again – otherwise I would actually steer clear of this scrub for the most part. Whilst it is a good scrub to use every now and again, I think that it is way too harsh to use 2-3 times a week as they suggest, due to the larger scrub particles within the product. For reference my skin is dry leaning towards normal if I keep on top of it, and I find that this scrub is just too much for me. If you have normal, dry, or maybe combination skin you could give this a go and see if you like it, but for those with sensitive skin do not go near it! You can find so many other physical exfoliators that are more gentle than this one yet do the same job, and obviously I hate to say it but considering this is their OG face scrub, it just isn’t the best product from them.

Reading some of the reviews solidify’s my findings, however I don’t think I would be giving it a five star review like the majority of people have. One person said they thought it was ‘a little scratchy’ at first but now love it, whilst another person said that they enjoy it because they love using harsher scrubs. Then again a lot of people have said that this is gentle for them, so maybe it’s just my skin that finds this harsh – but obviously always read the reviews before you buy, just because everyone else loves it doesn’t mean you will.

Glow Mask

“100% natural, ultra-hydrating, it works to reduce puffiness and give skin extra life, glow and brightness – perfect for pre-makeup, late nights, and morning-afters”

I decided to try this mask as I’m very much interested in anything that will give me a radiant glow to my skin, especially since it is dry and acne-prone! Coming in at £16, the Glow Mask is thick yet easily spreadable over the face, and is easy to take off too. It says to leave it on for 5 mins, yet obviously I sit with it on for far longer because I can’t keep track of time!

My main issue though is that to me it smells like play-doh – which I’m sure many of you will remember all too fondly from our childhoods. It’s not enough to put me off using the mask, but it is definitely noticeable every time I use it, and I did not expect it to smell so strongly of it either – like it really smells like play-doh, weird right? I guess it’s up to you whether you’d like to try it or not, and who knows it could just be mine that smells funny! However I’m not too sure that I’d buy it again just to find out – so let me know.

Overall I think that the brand offers a great selection that will suit a lot of people! Whilst these particular products weren’t quite the ones for me, I would like to try more from the range just to finalise my opinion. Let me know if you’ve tried Frank Body before and whether you liked the items or not – or if you’ve never tried them before, what would you like to try?

As always,

Love, Emily x

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5 thoughts on “Frank Body – Worth the Hype?

  1. I love seeing reviews like this. It’s fun to know what people think about really hyped up products. I’ve been wanting to try Frank Body products for years, and now I know exactly which items to put my money towards. Thanks for your honest opinion about these!

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