Why Your Eyeshadow Doesn’t Need To Look Perfect

Two eyeshadow palettes and a perfume on a glass tray

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a long time, but I’m finally getting around to it now. Makeup can be very subjective, and different people have different ideas when it comes to application and style. Something that gets a lot of hype on social media are these perfectly scultped eye looks that are amazing to look at, but are not necessarily achievable for everyone. Depending on your eye shape, certain looks may not work for you like they do for others, such as those with hooded eyes may find it much harder to do a cut crease due to the lack of space. I personally cannot do cut creases because they realistically won’t look good at all on me, so I don’t bother. Of course if you find an application style that works for you then you can do whatever you like, I’m sure it looks beautiful, and I probably wish I could create similar looks!

The reality is, what works for one person, doesn’t always work for another; so I want to give some love to the eye looks that get passed up on for those that are more artistic. Whilst I find it fascinating to see all these wonderful looks that people can make, I also appreciate all of the simpler looks that I could actually make work for me. Just because they’re more ‘basic’ doesn’t mean they’re not as worthy of attention, or as pretty. In the end, what I really want to say, is that all eye looks are beautiful, no matter what. I appreciate everyone who spends hours creating eye looks, and I appreciate those who opt for simpler looks every time they wear makeup. You can do whatever the hell you want and I will root for you – no matter how big or small I’ll be your wingwoman.

Your eyeshadow does not need to look perfect, because it already is – keep doing what you’re doing.

Two eyeshadow palettes and a perfume on a glass tray

Now I want to share some lovely people that I follow on Instagram who do a range of eye looks to suit every style. First up is The Makeup By Beth, who creates amazing eye looks that range from soft glam to themed makeup looks which are so well done! I think she deserves more love for the work that she does – make sure to give her a follow on instagram here. Another creative soul is Fiona Fleming (fionabeautty), who has a tonne of different looks that even I think I could recreate if I tried really hard! If you’re looking for inspiration for any type of eye look you can check her out here. Next up is Megan Grace (megangracemua), who looks flawless in every photo – whether that be your typical makeup look or a creative look! Check her out here. You should also follow Georgie Lowen (georgie.lowen) for super creative looks to simple eye looks that still look glam no matter what – follow her here!

I would love to see the looks that you create, so share your Instagram handle and I’ll make sure to share the love!

As always,

Love, Emily x

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