A Simple Tip For Flawless Makeup Application

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Everyone wants flawless looking makeup don’t they? I know that unless my skin still looks like skin after putting on foundation and concealer I probably won’t be very happy. Of course it all depends on what style of makeup you like, but I believe there is something that everyone can do regardless of how they like to wear their makeup.

One Simple Tip

So you want your makeup to look good? Well it all comes from preparation; I don’t mean preparation just before you apply your makeup, but way before! At least for me personally, my best makeup days are when I’ve prepped my skin the night before. Whilst it’s all well and good moisturising in the morning or half an hour before putting makeup on, this doesn’t allow your skin much time to truly soak in all the goodness from your skincare. This is why it is important to do as much as you can, or even more, long before makeup application.

So my one tip is prep – extra prep, it’s all in the prep. No prep? Well good luck having your skin look flawless! Of course I’m joking about the last part, because if you have something that works for you then there’s no need to change anything. But if you are finding that your makeup isn’t applying as well as you’d like, I would suggest giving your skin some extra love at least a few hours before you plan to wear makeup. So if you know that you have to put makeup on in the morning, make sure you do a bit extra the night before – or if you will be putting it on later in the day, do a bit more in the morning to really give your skin a pamper.

This will also vary depending on what skin type you have, as those with oily skin may not want or need to use an oil to draw in extra moisture, whereas those with dry skin could probably do with at least mixing an oil into moisturiser to give an extra shot of moisture. Maybe primer does everything you need, in which no case no problem! But if you often find that a primer isn’t quite enough, you may need to do more beforehand.

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Prep Routine

I thought I would give a glimpse of how you can prep your skin thoroughly to ensure smooth, silky skin ready for makeup. Firstly I would recommend washing your face, whether with a gentle cleanser or an exfoliator, as this will help to rid your skin of all the grime and build up that will prevent skincare products from getting deep into the skin. Next you can apply a hydrating serum if you need one, followed by an eye cream – essential if you also want your under-eyes to look smooth and blended. Then I would recommend a rich moisturiser either mixed with an oil, or followed by an oil if your skin is dry and needs a little more to ensure makeup sits nicely on top of it. Follow with some SPF, let it all sink in for a while, and voila! Now your skin should be feeling soft and ready for makeup to just glide over top of it.

For those with dry skin I would recommend doing this at night first, then again in the morning to get good results (if you used an exfoliator the night before, use a gentle wash in the morning – do not exfoliate more than you need to). Those with oily skin may not need such a rich moisturiser or even any type of oil, but the steps can be moulded to suit your skin and provide it with what it needs whilst getting rid of anything it doesn’t!

There we have it, my one simple tip to ensure a flawless makeup application. Is there anything essential that you do before applying makeup?

As always,

Love, Emily x

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16 thoughts on “A Simple Tip For Flawless Makeup Application

  1. Prep + a good skincare routine = lovely makeup application. It’s so true! You’ve got a great point here and it’s why I try to make sure my skin is as prepped as possible before applying makeup. I even go so far as to use several primers in different parts of my face to make sure they’re prepped in that way as well!

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  2. This is so interesting I never even think to prep my skin at all before putting on any make up. I’m definitely going to try it now thanks to this post 🙂

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  3. Love this! I have ultra dry skin, so I can not moisturize enough (I literally put jojoba oil directly on my skin at night and my skin loves it). These are some great tips here, especially as my skin is drying out even more with age. Awesome stuff!


  4. I have the worst dry skin and my skin is super sensitive on a morning to the point where I can only apply SPF and eye cream, anything else causes irritation, so prep the night before is 100% essential for me. I go to bed completely slathered in oil to try and prep my skin for the next morning x



  5. Fab post, really enjoyed reading this. I totally agree- it’s all in the prep! For me it depends on the moisturiser I use too to how well my make up goes on! x

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