4 Easy Ways To Support Other Bloggers

Everyone deserves love, whether that be physical, emotional, or in this case, social! I wanted to share some simple ways that you can show other bloggers, instagrammers, youtubers etc. support on their projects. I know that a lot of people put in so much work behind the scenes which we don’t often know about, and instead judge the finished project without thought for how it got there. So without further ado, here are four easy ways to support other bloggers!

Read Their Posts/ Watch Their Videos

This is obviously the first step to supporting a blogger, especially if you end up enjoying their content and end up reading a few more posts at the same time. Whilst some people try not to let numbers get to them, views can make or break whether someone gets offered a sponsored post, is sent gifted items, or just shows them that what they are doing is working. Even though it is simple, I know I feel good when I see that someone has read one of my posts, and even better if I know someone found it organically! So if you cannot do anything else, show some love by reading bloggers’ posts.

Leave A Thoughtful Comment

If you really enjoyed a post or video and found it useful, why not leave that person a comment telling them that. No one really wants to hear ‘nice post’ or a three word comment unfortunately, which is why you should leave a thoughtful one. Say you used their tips to achieve something, let them know that and thank them for providing them! A comment like that goes a long way in encouraging the person to write similar posts to that, and lets them know that their content is genuinely helping people achieve results.

Engage With Them On Social Media

So you really like content from a particular person? I bet them have twitter, instagram, pinterest or facebook – and would love you to follow them. Following them means that you can find out a bit more about them, see when new posts go live, and talk to them if you wish. Personally I like to show people that I’ve read their post through their twitter link by liking the tweet, and if I really found it useful I will also retweet it so that hopefully many other people can read it too. There are also various post threads where bloggers can showcase their latest posts, showing you a wide range of different blogs all in one space – perfect if you’re looking for people to follow.

Subscribe To Their Blog/ Follow Them

Finally the best thing you can do for someone who is producing content is to follow them! Let them know how much you love reading their content by subscribing to their mailing list or following their blog – for some smaller bloggers like me this can really make their day! Most of the time subscribing to someone’s blog will mean you are notified of all their news posts via email, which of course some people may not like the idea of. However, in this case I would suggest creating a new email account, either a gmail or hotmail, that is specifically for subscribing to blogs. This way your normal emails are not muddled, and you have a place to see all the new blog posts that people have spent time creating!

So there we have 4 easy ways that you can support other bloggers! I hope you enjoyed reading and hopefully I’ll see you soon.

As always,

Love, Emily x

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22 thoughts on “4 Easy Ways To Support Other Bloggers

  1. I am new to blogging, so I found this post extremely useful. It’s good to see some ways I can support others, and be part of the community. Thank you for sharing, I will be using these four methods as I move forward. 😊

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      1. Emilia, you are right about it. You came up with some wonderful and useful tips. I hope it will increase our feedbacks. One more thing, we should encourage others by referring to other blogs. Thanks for sharing. 😊


  2. Great tips! I think it’s so important as a blogger to support other bloggers. After all you know how hard it is yourself creating a blog. These are all such lovely and easy ways to support others. That’s why I really enjoy taking part in comment threads on twitter too as it’s a nice way to support others and I really enjoy finding new blogs to read! x

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    1. I couldn’t agree more with you on all of these points that you made. As a new blogger, recieving the love back means so much. I find it important to really support each other and give each other a pat on the back for our hard work. Thanks for this!

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  3. When I first started blogging I was so nervous to comment or interact with others! Now I don’t care and I love reading others posts and commenting/starting conversations! And I love interacting on social media, I love when people comment on my Instagram posts 😂 These are great tips x

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  4. When it comes to the blogging community, a little goes a long way! It’s such a great feeling when you get a like, comment or share- it feels like you’re creating content that people care about! Spelling out these four simple ways to help out the community is excellent; sometimes people aren’t sure what they can offer so this is a great post! My main takeaway from community interaction is be genuine; don’t leave a meaningless comment if the content doesn’t interest you; look for things that interest you and build genuine connections. Thanks for sharing ☺️

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  5. Love this! And love the ‘thoughtful comment’ bit! I don’t mind ‘nice post’ so much it’s when someones like ‘I love this too’ when you’ve written a post about how much you haven’t got on with something!

    Also, your insta is gorgeous- just noticed it at the bottom of you blog!

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com

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    1. After taking part in so many comment threads you realise that people want to know you’ve actually read their post, I try to show people I’ve actually heard what they’ve said!

      Oh thank you so much!

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