Fun Things To Do Inside When It’s Cold Outside

As we head into the winter months the weather is most likely going to be a lot colder, rainier, and windy as hell – which is why it is useful to remember some of the things that you can do inside! I’ve included a mixture of traditional and weirder things that might be fun to do if you can’t get outside much. Of course this list is not exhaustive, just a snapshot of what I think would be fun to do, especially with other people.

Most people love listening to music, so why not have a little dance party to raise your spirits? Dancing and singing is good for the soul, even if you think you can’t do either very well, it doesn’t matter! All that matters is that you enjoy yourself, maybe try and learn some new dance moves, listen to new music to spice things up a bit. I often hold my own private concerts when I’m in the shower, singing away because the bathroom always has the best acoustics. If movement isn’t quite for you, then you can always just relax, put on an old album or one you haven’t got around to listening to yet, and spend time on just that without distractions (assuming you’re free from them!).

Another fun thing to do is to go through old pictures of yourself when you were younger, as I know that sometimes I come across ones I don’t remember, and think about how much better my hair looked then compared to now. Along with this I’m sure a lot of people also have old videos that their parents took, or little films that someone made from a holiday you took one time. Recently I’ve found dvd’s of shows that I danced in when I was younger, because if you can believe it I used to do Irish Dancing and Jazz, very weird choices but then again I was strange! So I’m kind of looking forward to watching them again just to see if I can find myself amongst loads of other dancing children that also have blonde hair – aka see if I can even recognise myself because I don’t know if I can.

An oldie but goodie, play a board game! I’m sure every single family owns at least one board game, most likely monopoly, but they are a great option to spend some quality time with others (unless you’re losing, in which case I feel for you). If you’re alone and can’t really play board games, I recommend teaching yourself card games, as there are lots of apps or online games where you can play against other people! This also reminded me about uno, ah the days of playing uno at school when it was raining at break time… I should play it again sometime soon.

Next up is to learn a new recipe or just bake in general. Of course this will only work if you have the ingredients for it, but there are always recipes that allow you to incorporate what you already have into them! If like me you don’t do a lot of cooking or baking, the colder months are the perfect time to try new things, especially since the heat from the oven will warm up the kitchen and keep you nice and warm – whereas if you use the oven in the summer you usually get too hot! The great thing about making food is that you can eat it right after you’ve made it, yum.

Finally, why not go through your closet and try on your clothes again, aka have a fashion show for yourself! This can be both fun and productive, as it allows you to remind yourself of clothes that maybe you’ve forgotten about, and think about whether you still enjoy what you own. If you find that something no longer fits you and is just sitting in your drawers, this gives you the perfect opportunity to declutter it, whether that be selling it online or donating to charity. It also gives you an idea of how you could combine pieces together and create outfits in your head which you may not have thought of before.

If you have fun things that you do when it’s cold I’d love to know! I hope you enjoyed, and hopefully I’ll see you again soon.

As always,

Love, Emily x

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21 thoughts on “Fun Things To Do Inside When It’s Cold Outside

  1. It makes me sad that the winter season is just around the corner, yet here we are! I find that I definitely turn up the tunes more during the cooler weather, dancing around the house as I go about my day to day tasks including housework, working from home (in my home office), etc. The way I look at it, if you’re going to feel stuck inside, you might as well make the most of it!


  2. We’ve just been through winter here, but sometimes it can be too hot to do much outside so inside activities are always great, thanks for sharing! Across the last few months when we were stuck inside more than usual due to lockdown, we turned the kitchen table into a ping pong table, completed jigsaw puzzles and I even pulled out my old Lego!

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    1. Dancing is always my number one indoor activity for winter time! When I go visit my parents for the holidays we enjoy watching old VHS videos of us growing up and making fun of our brothers and sisters lol. These are all lovely ideas! And baking…. you could never go wrong with that choice neither.


  3. Some great tips and suggestions dear. Dancing and singing are two things that lift my spirits, it’s fun to get moving and sing my heart out. Enjoy the winter season and thank you for sharing!


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