Cruelty-Free Nail Polish Brands You Need To Try

Nail polish is something that I love in theory, but find hard to do in reality. I know it’s not actually that hard to paint your own nails, but sometimes it feels like things always keep getting in the way! Such as how I own two large dogs – I know my nails are going to get grimy from day to day, and so I avoid painting my nails at all. But when I do paint my nails, you can find me using one of these four cruelty-free nail polish brands…


An indie brand that offers a wide range of absolutely beautiful nail polishes, every time I see them I just want more! If you like duo-chromes, holographic, and sparkly nail polishes then this is the brand for you. Being an independent brand they are mid-range in terms of price, coming in at £10 a bottle – but I promise you they are worth it. They often have limited edition collections that are always breathtaking, so they are worth checking out if you’re in the mood for a new nail polish and would like something that will stand out. They are 7-Free, meaning they don’t contain any of the chemicals that typically are used in nail polish, making them safer for consumers! In the UK these can be purchased from Rainbow Connection, the best place to find indie brands.

F.U.N Lacquer

Interested in multi-chromes that are deep and dark and stare right into your soul? Or maybe you prefer more subtle shimmers? Or maybe you like a typical one colour polish? Well they are all right here. Honestly, you’re missing out if you want a nail polish that will get the attention of others and make them say ‘Wow what nail polish is that?!’ – because that is what these will do. Slightly more expensive with prices between £11-£14, they are also 5-Free (so contain a couple more chemicals compared to ILNP) and 100% vegan – again these can be found at Rainbow Connection in the UK!

Femme Fatale Cosmetics

Femme Fatale nail polishes are made by hand in Australia, meaning they often release collections full of beautiful polishes such as the one below. They often incorporate various textures into their polishes, such as glitter, iridescent flakies, and they create colour changing polishes too – put simply, if you’re looking for a brand that will instil some creativity into your life, this is the brand for you! Prices range from £10.50-£13, which may seem steep, but considering these are all made by hand, the price is worth it. All polishes are 3-Free, and can be purchased again from Rainbow Connection in the UK!

Barry M

Okay, let’s be honest, the majority of people will have owned at least one Barry M nail polish in their lives – at least if you live in the UK. With such a large range of colours, textures and finishes, they are a staple for those who don’t want to spend too much money on nail polish. The price for the typical range starts at just £4 a bottle, which is an absolute steal for a drugstore brand that is cruelty-free and offers 97% vegan products – all the nail products being 100% vegan! I’m not sure how easily available Barry M is outside of the UK, but here we can get it at various places such as Boots, Superdrug, and LookFantastic.

I hope you’ve found some new potential brands to add to your collection – I’d love to know of any other cruelty-free nail polish brands too!

As always,

Love, Emily x

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