Ultimate Tips For Navigating the Black Friday Sales

So, Black Friday is almost upon us, and I’m sure a lot of people will be looking to purchase something in the sale, which is why I’ve compiled these tips to help you make the most out of it! These tips will help you identify what you need to do in advance to make sure that you are ready the sudden the sales hit – and beware, a lot of them start early too. So, here are 8 ultimate tips to prepare you for Black Friday (and Cyber Monday!).

1. Identify Shops to Purchase From

Before doing anything else you should decide what shops you are most likely to buy something from, as this will help you to narrow down your search and give you some sort of plan to stick to once the sales hit. Of course you can just visit shops randomly, but this might mean you miss out on items you really wanted if you are too late! It’s better to look at the shops that you actually might buy something from first, then visit any others afterwards – this way you won’t be disappointed if you miss out on something that you weren’t actually bothered about, but will stand a better chance of grabbing the items you really wanted in the first place.

2. Make Wish-lists of Items You Would Like to Buy

Moving on, once you have identified which shops you will most likely purchase from, you now should create an account with the shop and make your wishlist full of items you would like to buy during the sale. This will make it much easier to find all the items you’ve been lusting after, rather than having to waste time searching for them. Take the time now to do the hard work so that when the time comes, buying everything should be a whole lot easier. Keep in mind that sometimes certain items say things such as “x amount of people have bought this in the last hour/ have this in their basket right now!”, meaning these are the items to keep a close eye on – if they are in high demand, there will probably be a lot of other people hoping to grab it too.

3. Bookmark These Websites For Easy Access

Next you should bookmark all of these websites! Make sure on the day you have easy access to them, and saving them to your reading list/ favourites tab/ bookmarks will keep all of them in one place for you to come back to. It also saves you time by not having to type the address in, search for it, click on the link blah blah blah – link them somewhere safe, accessible, and in plain sight. Of course if you’re not too fussed then no worries, but sometimes people are after a specific item that may just need a pre-saved link to get to it quickly on the day!

4. Plan for Both Personal Purchases + Potential Christmas Presents

Now that you’ve done the bulk of the work choosing which shops, which items to buy, how you’re going to access them, take another look and see if there are other items from that store that would make for good gifts – Christmas, birthday, anniversary, whatever, now is a great time to plan these. It’s most likely safe to say that a lot of people use Black Friday as the perfect time to shop for Christmas presents, in which case you’ve already got that sorted! Don’t forget that it’s also the best time to get something special for yourself too, maybe a gift to give yourself for making it through the year. Either way, make sure you’ve thought about it, as you may regret not picking something up in the sale for yourself, or you may struggle to choose presents for others afterwards.

5. Research Deals That May Be Available

Research, research, research. There’s no point hoping that an item will be included in the sale if you haven’t looked to see what kinds of deals will be going on! By this time, a lot of stores will have given hints about their offers, or will encourage you to sign up for their newsletters for early access to the best deals. If you’re desperately hoping to get something, it may be worth signing up to ensure you get the deals delivered straight to your inbox as soon as they go live. It is also helpful to look at deals that shops did last year, as it is very likely they will be similar this year – you can often find this out by searching online.

6. Note the Start Date + When the Sales End

A lot, and I mean a lot, of shops start their sales a week or two in advance – so watch out! Most shops have said when they plan to begin their sales, and it is extremely useful to know exactly when you can check up on your wish-lists without worrying that you’re a day or two behind. Whilst it is good to know when the sales start, you should also take note of when they are going to end. Some sales continue going on, giving you the chance to go back and see if any items you didn’t pick up the first time around are still available.

7. Try Not to Make Impulse Purchases

Following on from the point above, do not fall into the trap of making impulse purchases! If you still have items on your wish-lists that you didn’t buy the first time, then by all means pick those up as well – but do not go back simply because the sale is still going. Say you’ve done the hard work and picked out all of the items you really wanted, and also managed to snap all of them up, but you feel like you should have another look, because why not see if there are other savings to be made? This is a trap you may fall into, and it will do you no good having a second look. Chances are you didn’t save something to your wish-list originally because you weren’t sure if you liked it or not, so why bother picking it up just because it’s still on sale and it might look good? You may regret it. Of course things can be returned, but that can be a hassle, and you’ll do yourself a favour by just not picking it up in the first place.

8. Make Sure You Can Afford It

My final words of wisdom for you – make sure you have the money to pay for it. I don’t mean put all of it on the credit card (of course you can do this), I mean make sure that when the time comes to pay off your credit card you can actually pay it in full. I know that times are extremely hard for a lot of people, and this may be the only way that you are able to buy presents for others this Christmas, but just be mindful with your money. It can be extremely tempting to pick things up just because they’re on sale now, but many shops run various sales throughout the entire year, and you can probably find the same item for the same discounted price at another time. Black Friday is a great time to get good deals, but it is not the only time.

I really hope that you found these tips useful, and good luck!

As always,

Love, Emily x

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7 thoughts on “Ultimate Tips For Navigating the Black Friday Sales

  1. These are fabulous tips, especially making a list beforehand of where you want to visit and/or what you’re looking for – it avoid any shopping regrets! 🙂

    aglassofice.com x

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  2. These are great tips especially with Black Friday this year. Last year I made planned & also impulse purchases on Black Friday, but this year I’ll definitely have to plan some more & watch what I spend.


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