Self Care For When You Don’t Care

Times are tough, and I’m sure many people are feeling a little lost in the midst of the pandemic. I too have fallen victim to the uncertainties of the future, meaning I have not been taking care of myself like I should. This is why I wanted to write this post, for everyone else like me who just can’t be bothered to take care of ourselves when we just don’t care. If you’re feeling down and don’t want to do anything, I guarantee that doing just one of these things each day will make you feel as though you’ve accomplished something – and for people that see these as basic things that should be done everyday, think of those who simply have trouble doing them, no matter how ‘basic’ you may think it is.

Brush Your Teeth

Whilst this may seem like the most obvious thing that you should do, sometimes people just don’t have the energy to do it. Brushing your teeth will not only make your teeth much healthier, but it will also make your mouth feel much cleaner – as it should. This means that if you end up talking to someone you won’t have to worry about whether you can smile or not, as you’ll find comfort in knowing that at least you brushed your teeth.

Wash Your Face

Most days I just can’t be bothered to wash my face, despite how easy it is to do. I mean it requires standing at the sink, choosing which face wash to use, rubbing it in and rinsing it off again – a fair few steps when you actually break it down. But I can guarantee that washing your face will help you to feel more refreshed, and help you feel like you’ve accomplished something.

Do One Step of Your Skincare

Say you’ve managed to wash your face and still have some energy left, why not go a bit further and just do one step of your skincare routine, such as moisturiser. Or if you haven’t been able to wash your face yet but feel like you can do one thing, moisturise. Yes it doesn’t seem like it’ll do very much if your skin isn’t clean, but it’s the thought that counts here, and doing something is better than nothing.

Brush Your Hair

If you are someone who brushes your hair everyday, I applaud you! For me I just can’t be bothered and quite frankly don’t see the point in doing so with my hair – see, my pessimistic nature. However there are times when I just know that even if it’s not clean, or I’m not going out anywhere, I just have the urge to brush my hair. Even if you do it in sections and it ends up taking you an hour to do, you will feel better about it. Say you then take a shower and wash your hair, you’ll be happy that it’s not easier to wash because there are no more knots in it!

Make Your Bed

Believe me, I am one of those people who never made the bed, I just didn’t see the point in it since in a few hours I’d be hopping back into it! But now I see that making the bed does make me feel better, and getting into a nice cool bed with flat covers is quite relaxing. Do it after you wake up, during the middle of the day, or even just before you go to bed, but do it, and I guarantee you will thank yourself for doing so.

Wash Your Clothes

Finally if I’m feeling like I could really accomplish something I will take on the task of washing my clothes. Remember that you aren’t just putting them in the washing machine, but that you then have to dry them and put them away as well! It can seem like too much, which is why I recommend at least drying them once they’ve been washed, and putting them away the next day – break it up into smaller tasks to help make it easier and more manageable. After you’ve washed your clothes, you now have more options to wear around the house!

These are the main things that I try to do when I really don’t feel like doing anything, and they do help, even if just a little bit. Sometimes we just need to go back to the simplest of tasks to get us back on track.

As always,

Love, Emily x

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29 thoughts on “Self Care For When You Don’t Care

  1. This list is almost identical to the my list of things I need to do most days. Being in isolation gives me no motivation to do these little things. Im either studying hard or laying in bed on netflix. But today i changed my bed sheets, washed my hair and put moisturizer on my face. Small victories. This list has made me feel good about myself. Because I’ve managed most of these things today for the first time this week. Xxx

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  2. You know, these are such little things, but so so important. We have to keep ourselves clean and feeling like human beings after all, or we will suffer even more. Once this is accomplished we can maybe move on to self care for the soul like taking a walk in nature, reading a book, enjoying a hobby. Thanks for sharing!


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  3. I love the simplicity to this list. Sometimes self-care really is just that: simple. It often gets pushed aside because people assume it needs to be complicated or multiple steps, but it really can just be taking care of yourself in the most basic ways. Love this!

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  4. Love this post. The tips are simple and you would think a given, but often when in a slump (i.e. lockdown) these simple basic things are neglected. I really need to push myself to do the last one though – washing clothes regularly is choreee!


  5. This is such a great list, lockdown makes me feel so exhausted I always lack the energy to do these things. Last night I moisturised before I went to bed and felt so much more put together, it really is just the little things that make a big difference.

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  6. I love this list, self care is often described as really extravagant tasks but it’s literally as basic as taking care of yourself. I find all of these tasks work as a little pick me up when I’m not having a great day as well. The little things really do help. I often find that if I can make myself start my skincare routine I’ll go into auto and end up finishing it x

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  7. This is such a creative post idea. I really appreciate the twist on the typical self-care post. Most of the time when I need self-care the most, I don’t want to do it at all. But you’re right, the simplest of things are the best place to start and can be enough to turn your day around. Thanks for sharing!

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  8. This is really, really important to share. Some days, most days for some people, a hot bubbly bath and lighting a candle just dont cut it as far as selfcare is concerned, i know how hard it is to even brush your hair so these kind of tips/posts are so important!

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