My Worst Makeup Mistakes

Makeup products on a white surface

We’ve all been there before, whether you’ve been wearing makeup for years or have only started recently, you’re bound to have done something you regretted later. I thought this would be a fun little post where I can laugh at my past self for silly things – and in this case, makeup! So without further ado, here are what I consider to be my worst makeup mistakes…

No Eyebrows

I’m old enough to be part of the generation who didn’t realise that filling in your eyebrows was a thing you could do, and so for a few years at school I was just chilling without any eyebrows. Looking back, I’m absolutely sure it looked weird as I’d be wearing mascara and eyeliner with barely anything above it. On another note, I did also go through a phase where I plucked my eyebrows into a thin line – I have realised the error of my ways. Luckily I think I only did this once, and my eyebrows have not suffered as a result of it. I’m not saying that you absolutely need to fill in your eyebrows when doing your makeup, but for me now it is not a good look, in any way.

Black Eyeliner Only In the Waterline

There’s a bit of a trend in that all of these things occurred during my secondary school years, and I regret it all. However, I have moved on since and no longer do things that make me look stupid af! So another thing that became popular was putting black eyeliner in your waterline, but not necessarily with any other form of eyeliner. Imagine you’re spending nearly two whole school years looking like you’re dead inside and have black smudges all under your eyes. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who did this, but nowadays I don’t wear any eyeliner at all, but I most certainly will not put black eyeliner in my waterline again!

Unblended Foundation

Okay so I know this is extremely common for many people, so I don’t feel as bad about this one! Unfortunately six years ago there wasn’t a lot of range in foundation shades, and me being pale meant that all the foundations in my price range were going to be slightly too dark or too orange toned. It was also easy to apply everything with your hands, which ultimately meant that I was left with clear foundation lines on my neck. Of course if the shades had been correct it wouldn’t have mattered as much, but it’s quite clear when your face is orange and your neck is most certainly not.

Tinted Lip Balm Not Just On My Lips

Reading that title back it sounds really wrong, but I promise I didn’t mean it to be! What I meant is that I used to apply a tinted lip balm without looking, and didn’t realise that it also ended up all around my mouth, basically looked like I’d just had a pink ice lolly first thing in the morning. Now the culprit in question was the Maybelline Baby Lips, which I’m sure a lot of people are familiar with. I had a bright pink one and a purple Halloween themed one, which actually looked much nicer than the pink one anyway. So just imagine me, at the bus station aged 14/15, waiting to get the school bus with bright pink lips and no idea how bad it looked – it’s okay, you can laugh if you want.

Bronze Lipstick

Finally, let me introduce you to bronze lipstick. Yes, Revlon did make a shimmery bronze lipstick around ten years ago, and I have no idea if they still make it – however I also don’t care! This isn’t as much a mistake as the others since I only wore this in the car when I was with my mum, because for some reason she bought the lipstick and it ended up living in the car for a few years. I’ve got to admit, I thought it looked quite good at the time, very alternative for a twelve year old. Now I would never dare go near such a colour, but it was fun when I was younger.

So those were my worst makeup mistakes I’ve made over the years! What mistakes have you made?

As always,

Love, Emily x

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28 thoughts on “My Worst Makeup Mistakes

  1. Oh gosh, I remember a lot of these trends! Thankfully I only ever did eyeliner on the waterline a few times as I never thought it suited me or looked right! That Revlon lipstick brings back memories – thanks for sharing!

    Tash – A Girl with a View

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  2. I’m definitely also guilty to the eyeliner on my waterline mistake, and I only stopped doing this about two years ago… I really thought it made me look nice until I realised the smudges under my eyes came from them. Haven’t worn it since and I still look quite okay… I remember the baby lips too, I had one too, but it was a darker pink. Now I think about it, there were probably times where half of it was underneath my lips too :p

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  3. I did everything you said and it made me cringe😖 skinny brows, eyeliner on the waterline, orange makeup.. how embarrassing! I’m curious did we think we looked good? Also why didn’t my mother tell me how ridiculous I looked🤔

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