About Me

Who Is Emilia Marlowe?

Hello! My name is Emily, and I created this blog to write about all things beauty, lifestyle + the occasional fashion post! I’ve recently graduated with a degree in Psychology and am using my free time to create content for my blog. I’d love it if you checked out my posts and subscribe to my blog if you enjoy what I post about – you can find the email form in the sidebar!

A Bit More About Me

I currently live in the south east of England with my family and our assortment of animals including: two dogs, two cats, and two ferrets. Due to my love of animals I made the decision to only buy cruelty-free a couple of years ago, and so my blog is also focused on cruelty-free beauty along with my journey into being more sustainable.

My hobbies include buying makeup (obviously), spending time with my animals, watching shows such as Greys Anatomy and Hell’s Kitchen with my family, and music! One of my main goals is to buy a house on my own, and whilst I wish I could potentially make blogging a full-time job, I need something more stable to achieve my goals – who knows what could happen though!

That’s about the basics – if you want to know anything else you can either contact me through the form on my contact page, or get in touch on social media!