AD | A Much Needed Bedroom Makeover

Photowall canvas hanging on a wall with fairy lights above

– This post contains a gifted item in collaboration with Photowall. All views and opinions are my own. I do not make any commission from the discount code, it is solely to save my readers money. This post also contains affiliate links, please see my Disclosure page for more information – Since I moved into […]

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4 Easy Ways To Support Other Bloggers

Everyone deserves love, whether that be physical, emotional, or in this case, social! I wanted to share some simple ways that you can show other bloggers, instagrammers, youtubers etc. support on their projects. I know that a lot of people put in so much work behind the scenes which we don’t often know about, and […]

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Why Your Eyeshadow Doesn’t Need To Look Perfect

Two eyeshadow palettes and a perfume on a glass tray

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a long time, but I’m finally getting around to it now. Makeup can be very subjective, and different people have different ideas when it comes to application and style. Something that gets a lot of hype on social media are these perfectly scultped eye looks that are […]

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My Favourite Albums For Summer

Various albums on a flat surface next to an iPhone 8, Marshall speaker, and a pair of headphones

– All links in this post are affiliate links, please refer to my¬†Disclaimer page for more¬†– At this rate we’re all done with the pandemic, but if there’s one upside to this, it’s that we’ve got time to listen to more music. I personally enjoy music that isn’t too upbeat, but has enough oomph within […]

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My Plans for 2020

I’ve been having a good think about this over the last week, and I’ve realised that overall I need to try harder in all aspects of my life. I’ll go over the goals I set for myself in 2019 (spoiler alert, not the best!), and explain the steps that I want to take this year […]

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Things I Am Hoping For

A more chilled post, but also somewhat important personally. Currently I have a couple weeks left until I go back to university, and it just had me thinking about the things I hope will happen, and generally hope will be okay for the rest of the year. Naturally I am starting to worry, and I […]

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Personal Goals Update: What Have I Achieved So Far?

Welcome back! That’s both for me and you since I’ve been non-existent for the last couple months. Life just catches up doesn’t it? I have a lot of free time though so I need to get my arse in gear and keep working on my blog. I have a somewhat late mid-year update on my […]

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Antipodes Vanilla Pod Day Cream | Review

This one goes out to all my dry skinned pals, cause it’s a rough life, and it makes makeup application a whole lot harder than those with normal skin. Of course it can be tough for oily skinned people as well, but I don’t think that this particular product is for you, as you will […]

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My HONEST University Experience So Far

Hey guys, I wanted to get a bit personal with you on this post, and to talk about how I’m doing half-way into my university course. Me and uni have had and are still having a very rocky journey together, and it is definitely much different to what is usually thought, then again I may […]

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