Why Your Eyeshadow Doesn’t Need To Look Perfect

Two eyeshadow palettes and a perfume on a glass tray

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a long time, but I’m finally getting around to it now. Makeup can be very subjective, and different people have different ideas when it comes to application and style. Something that gets a lot of hype on social media are these perfectly scultped eye looks that are […]

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A Potential Low-Buy + Project Pan 2020

After the failure of not using up any makeup, I want to do better this year. I know that I have the capability to use up more than I do, and believe me I really want to – for some reason I’m just shit at actually putting my makeup on? I put makeup on the […]

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My New Favourite Foundation Brush + A Foundation Discussion

Foundation is something that I want to love, but for some reason just don’t. I’ve tried a few, and I’ve just found that my skin looks just as good when I’ve only used concealer and then gone in with other products. Of course that won’t stop me from lusting after them and desperately hoping that […]

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Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Palette – Worth the Hype?

First of all, can we appreciate how beautiful this packaging is? It’s like a pinky-purple heaven with gold vibes! Anyway, I wasn’t planning on doing a review of this, since it’s been out for a while now and the time has most likely passed, but I had these pictures and didn’t want to waste them […]

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Rummage Through My Empties! #2

Hey guys, another empties post today! I know these kinds of posts are either loved or hated, but sometimes if I see something I’ve been interested in for a while it’s good to get the opinion from someone who has used up the product entirely, instead of just trying it a few times! So let’s […]

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Two Lip Products You Need To Try

Lip glosses laying flat on a book page

-This post may contain affiliate links, please refer to my Disclaimer page for more info- In recent months I have begun to favour lip glosses over lipsticks, and so have expanded my collection a fair amount. I wanted to share with you two lip products from e.l.f Cosmetics that are really good quality for the […]

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